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Adoption #4

Just then I started coming to. I looked, laying there on the bed, and I seen my old carcass here, getting old and wrinkled, and drawed up, and--and diseased up, and afflicted, and I seen my hands behind my head, and I thought, "Oh, will I have to go back in that thing again?" 

And I kept hearing that Voice, "Keep pressing on. Keep pressing on." 
I said, "Lord, I've always believed Divine healing; I'll keep believing it. But I'll press for them souls, so help me. I'll have so many there I'll... Let me live Lord, and I'll put another million in there, if You'll just let me live." 
I don't care what color, what creed, what nationality, what they are; they're all one when they get there. Them old boundary lines has passed away.